iOS Engineer

Madrid - Engineering - Full Time

Oh yeah, we are looking for an iOS engineer, aka “mister i blow your fucking mind with my code”. We are not a corporate or a huge team, we are a small, packed, shredded one and that is why it is very important for us to keep it simple, clean and lean.

Daily, weekly and monthly meetings help us to keep all member of the team in the loop and allow others to help each other when there is a block, a barrier or an enemy to be killed.  

If you think you are analytical, creative, adaptative, entrepreneurial and willing to live on the edge, please keep reading, you are going to like this.

What you'll be doing:

  • Solve interesting engineering challenges and problems as we grow; we are a small team, so you’ll own and write code for a significant portion of the app
  • Ship new features, squash bugs, and constantly improve the maintainability of our code base
  • Turn ideas and designs into well-tested, modular architectures that are easily re-used
  • Work with designers, engineers, program managers and other disciplines to hit deadlines while maintaining a high quality product
  • Refactor as you go and help peer review others to always improve the code base
  • Write tests to cover critical business areas and UI flows
  • Create delightful UI and UX for our customers and valets, diving into animations where necessary

Must have:

  • 3+ years active work in software development.
  • 2+ years experience in Swift (2-3.x.x).
  • Previous experience with production and released projects, from zero Architecture to Release status (Itunes connnect)
  • Environment management
  • Familiarity with version control tools (GIT, SVN)
  • Solid understanding of modern iOS architectures and multi-layer patterns (DEP and specifically anti-pattern such Service Locator).
  • Strong knowledge of API-Rest communication, JSON treatment and data synchronization with Core Data abstraction layers. (W/Without Frameworks as Alamofire).
  • Experience with MapKit and Google Places API.
  • Able to manage multiple storyboards and scenes or plain code.

Nice to have:

  • Carthage and Cocoapods, being able to fork and adapt on the way
  • Experience with wide used frameworks as Facebook SDK, Analytics, Firebase, etc.
  • Experience with XCTestCase coverage
  • Multithread and extensions experience would be helpful but is not essential.
  • StackOverflow/Github/Bitbucket contributions

What will make you successful:

  • You’re a self-starter who is ready to hit the ground running
  • You work equally well on your own as you do iterating and ideating in a group setting
  • You communicate clearly and want to work with people across many different disciplines
  • You can give feedback freely and accept it graciously
  • You’re passionate about what you do
  • You thrive on a feeling of ownership of the product you are building
  • You've never let not knowing a framework, a language, or discipline stop you from diving in and owning a project.

We are Valeet. The startup who developed the first Spanish on-demand valet parking app where and when you want it. Let us put it in other words; you have a car, you love to drive, you hate to park. We just take parking out of the equation. Simple as fuck.

Valeet is considered as one of the hottest startup in 2017. We have an incredible future ahead. The roadmap includes open other markets like Barcelona & London by the end of the year.

We have a philosophy; have fun doing whatever you do. That is why we take hiring very seriously.