People spend an average of 20 minutes looking for a parking spot, each and every time the move. That causes 30% of urban traffic. 32% of traffic tickets are parking tickets ($2B / year)

With Valeet, you'll never park again. Open the app, let us know where you are headed and when you arrive, one of our valets will be waiting for you to pick your car and take it to one of our private & secure parkings. When you are ready to leave, just click a button and we'll bring your car back. In the meantime, click a button and we'll wash or fuel your car too.



Carlos Jiménez, CEO

Andrea Retamal, Creative Director

Jorge Reyero, CTO

Ignacio Espada, CMO

Cristian Valle, COO

Juan Pedro Lozano, iOS engineer

Julio Yagüez, Android engineer

Macarena Alonso-Majagranzas, Marketing & Comms

Teresa López, Product Manager

Alicia Valladares, QA